The latest water quality tests are showing that total ammonia levels are continuing to fall (0.37 mg/L, pH 8.1, 4.3 °C). This is a very good sign and may be due to the dilution of the water and action of the microorganisms converting it to less toxic nitrite and nitrate (although it is very cold for high levels of microbial activity). Oxygen levels are also good (9.49 mg/L, 72.5 % sat.).

The amount of ammonia in the water is still very concerning, but it will hopefully continue to decrease before the temperature starts to increase again. The low temperature and ‘acceptable’ pH means that only a small amount of the ammonia is in the toxic form.

We’ll also be keeping an eye on the turbidity of the water and for spikes in oxygen during the day because this could be a sign of new algal growth. The straw bales are starting to go in, so these will provide habitat for organisms that could consume algae and may also leach algal inhibitors in to the water.

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