Today’s water testing brings us some good news in that the levels of total ammonia have reduce to undetectable levels, which means that ammonia is no longer a toxic risk to the fish. Last time we saw this was during the summer of last year.

Turbidity of the water has slightly increased (2.5 m on the Secchi disc, from recently being able to clearly see the lake bed), and the oxygenation of the water has also risen (10.8 mg/L, 100 % sat. 11.5 °C). This may suggest some algal growth, but we should expect some changes as the water warms and the lake is still recovering. We will monitor this closely and consider taking action, but only if required.

For the time being, the fish that were stocked in early March have spread around the lake and actively feeding, which is great to see. There are huge numbers of buzzers hatching (as predicted by Jim!) and 100 more rainbows have gone in today (12-Apr-2022), so this will hopefully continue to provide great fishing further in to the season.

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