Water temperature has been extremely high over the last month, with a maximum recorded temperature of 24.9 °C on 09-Aug-2022. So, it has been a tough Summer for any stock remaining in the lake with water levels also very low (at least 20 cm below zero on the water gauge). We lost a few fish during the first hot spell at the end of June, but have not since had many more, even in the hottest weather. A few fish have been spotted in the margins but these have been showing clear signs of stress.

Water chemistry is currently looking okay; with nitrate and phosphate undetectable (due to strong plant growth), and trace amounts of ammonia, but nowhere near the levels reached last year. Water is slightly cloudy with the Secchi disc visible down to 1.5 m (usually > 2.5 m under good conditions), but other conditions aren’t indicative of a significant algal bloom. Dissolved oxygen is also looking good (97.4 %, 8.6 mg/L, 21.7 °C).

Maintenance of the lake grounds is continuing with clearance of vegetation around the swims and the bypass channel, and all other general maintenance tasks.

As the temperature falls and if conditions remain stable, we will aim to start stocking again as soon as possible, and will let you know when this restarts. We are continuing with the suspension of C+R throughout September, so please take home any trout caught.

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