We’re now well in to September and the good water chemistry continues to be maintained in Darlow; phosphates, nitrates, nitrites and ammonia are all currently undetectable, which is excellent news. Oxygen levels are also good (8.1 mg/L, 82.7 % sat.). pH is 8.3, which is fairly normal for Darlow.

The only negative news is that water levels are historically very low, so we could do with some significant amounts of rain, and weed growth has been particularly strong in some areas, so watch out for that if you come to fish. Water is still slightly cloudy, but seems to be improving. Water temperature is also still high, but is coming down steadily (16.8 °C, at 1000 today).

All of this is good news or, at least, is heading in the right direction. The hope for the winter is that we avoid any flooding (an influx of river water would detrimentally change the water chemistry), and that conditions stay as stable as possible taking us in to next year!

Categories: Environment