With so much wet weather recently, Darlow is currently in flood, but the good news is that the bank repairs to the bypass channel seem to be holding up and we are not seeing water flooding directly in from the river. Water levels are very high, so most of the swims are under water and access is tricky.

The good news is that the water testing is looking good; no detectable ammonia, phosphate or nitrite. Nitrate has risen a little due to the incoming flood water. Oxygen is relatively high (11.4 mg/L, 95.6 %) and the water temperature is 6.4 °C. More information and trends can be found here;


The lake is currently open, but if you do visit, be mindful that the conditions are difficult and (today) it is not possible to get around the whole lake without wellies!

Also, we have put mesh gates across some sections of path to prevent fish escaping if the water rises further – so, please close these behind you if you walk through them.