Just a quick set of water test results prior to the start of the season. All water chemistry parameters look good; ammonia, nitrite and phosphate are all undetectable. These are all indicators of pollution or something out-of-balance, so that is great news.

Nitrate and alkalinity are slightly raised but that is due to the diluted river water that has entered Darlow during the flood – about the same levels as last year. Nitrates can be used by algae and possibly lead to an algal bloom, but at these levels it is less likely, and hopefully the bigger aquatic plants will use it up before we see any algae. We are in a better situation than last year (a decent year), and a world away from the harmful bloom in 2021!!

Water temperature is still nice and low (5.9 °C), water level (-0.3, slightly down on the gauge), and clarity is pretty good. So, it is all set up nicely for the start of the season tomorrow (01-Mar-2023).

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