The latest water quality tests are looking excellent. All indicators of serious pollution are undetectable (phosphate, nitrite and ammonia). A small amount of nitrate was detected which was likely to have come in from the flood water over the last few months – historically, Darlow typically has a very low level of nitrates because we have very little new water flowing in from other sources, so plants have a chance to use it.

The clarity of the water is also looking very good at the moment, as are oxygen levels (11.3 mg/L and 106.4 % sat.). Temperatures are still low (12.7 °C) , but creeping up, which will call a halt to our stocking when temperatures consistently exceed 15 °C.

More data can be found linked from here.

After starting regular testing in 2021, trends are starting to become apparent, which will be helpful for the detection of adverse conditions in future years, and just allow us to keep an eye on ‘what’s normal at Darlow’. One of the keys to keeping the water (and fish) healthy is to keep the conditions as stable as possible, and, hopefully, we will see the benefits of this in the form of a beautiful lake and some good fishing!

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