FARMOOR FLY FISHING Club rules (2018).

Members and Guests shall use the fishing facilities of the club, including waters, access, accommodation, and car parking, entirely at their own risk.

All members should be aware that the club’s Combined Liability Insurance Policy does not cover Guests.

Membership confirms the member’s acceptance of club rules.

Health and Safety Regulations posted at Darlow must be followed.

Wading is forbidden on all club waters

A Junior Member (aged between 10 years and 18 years on the 1st April) must be accompanied at all times by a Senior Member.

A Guest must be accompanied by the member at all times.

A member wishing to give tuition to a non-member may do so without a guest ticket provided that only one rod is in use at any time and that he/she is booked-in “under tuition” Any fish killed will count towards the members bag limit.  

Members shall comply with any regulation made by the Environment Agency or the Committee.

Dogs are not allowed on any club waters.

Gate Security Codes are changed annually and should be memorised to facilitate entry to club waters. Do not reveal these codes to non-members.

Details of members’ responsibility for security are posted on club notice boards.

Disabled members only may obtain a permit to use special car parking facilities at Darlow Water. Apply to the secretary for details.



All members and their guests, (including non-fishing guests) must book in at the Lodge on arrival.

Fishing is restricted to members only until 28th March.

Five guest tickets are issued to each member, each season, and may be used on any day  

The guest ticket fee must be paid before a guest is permitted to fish.

On leaving club waters, members, and guests, must accurately record fish caught and record the weight and species of each fish taken when booking out.

The use of boats and float-tubes, on Darlow, are subject to additional rules which are displayed on the club notice-board.



MEMBERSHIP CARDS. When fishing, members must carry with them, at all times, their club membership cards and a valid Environment Agency Rod Licence, both of which must be produced on request.

THE SEASON commences on 14th March on all waters, and expires on 30th SEPTEMBER on the River Windrush, and on 31st DECEMBER at Darlow Water.

TIMES OF FISHING Commences 1hr. before Sunrise, and ends 1hr. after Sunset

All rubbish, especially monofilament, must be taken away with you.