Members and Guests use the fishing facilities of the club, including waters, access, accommodation, boats and car park entirely at their own risk. Members should be aware that the club’s Combined Liability Insurance Policy does not cover Guests.

Your Membership confirms that you accept the club rules and have read and understand them, if not please contact a committee member who can be recognised by their blue Badge.

New Members must attend a New Members Day Familiarisation prior to starting to fish.

Five guest tickets are issued to each member per season. Fishing is restricted to members only at the start of the new season, guests may be invited after 14 days, guest’s tickets and payments should be posted in the Lodge prior to fishing.

Membership cards. Members must always carry their club membership cards and a valid Environment Agency (EA) Rod Licence, both of which must be produced on request from any Committee Member or EA Bailiff. Members shall comply with any and all regulations made by the EA or the Committee.

Health and Safety Regulations posted at Darlow must be followed, including the NO FISHING area defined in front of the Lodge and Car park.

Life jackets must be worn at all times whilst using boats.

Wading is forbidden and Dogs are not allowed on all club waters.

Cormorant Control. There is NO FISHING whilst shooting is underway. The committee will inform members when Cormorant Control takes place on the Lake via email, website and Notices will be displayed on the entry Gate and lodge.

Lodge facilities. Details of members’ responsibilities for the security of Lodge and Grounds are posted on club notice boards. If you are the last to leave please ensure that all lights/sockets are switched off and the door locked. Kindly leave the Lodge kitchen and toilets as you would wish to find them.

We do have problems with the use of the Toilets in the lodge when flooding occurs a Porta-loo will be provided in the car park.

Gate & Lodge Security Codes. Are changed annually and should be memorised to facilitate entry to club waters. Do not reveal these codes to non-members and ensure that the gate lock code is re-scrambled at all times, especially if you are the last to leave.

Disabled members may obtain a permit to drive their vehicle around Darlow Water when bank conditions allow. Apply to the secretary for details.


All members and their guests including non-fishing guests must book in at the Lodge on arrival before fishing, Guests must be always accompanied by the member.

Junior Member (aged between 10 years and 18 years on the 1st of March) must be always accompanied by a Senior Member.

A member wishing to give tuition to a non-member may do so without a guest ticket provided that only one rod is in use at any time and that he/she is booked-in “under tuition”. Any fish killed will count towards the members bag limit.


FISHING METHOD. Fly fishing only using 1 rod at a time and the use of Barbless or debarbed hooks is mandatory.

THE SEASON. Commences on 1st March on Darlow Water until 14th February. The River Windrush season starts on 1st April and expires on 30th September.

ON LEAVING. Members must accurately record all fish caught and record the weight and species of any fish taken when booking out including any guest catches.

TIMES OF FISHING. Commences 1 hour before Sunrise and ends 1 hour after Sunset.

BOATS & FLOAT-TUBES. Are subject to additional rules which are displayed on the club noticeboard and the relevant fee must be paid and posted before fishing. Life jackets must be always worn whilst using boats.


All Browns and Sparctics caught must be returned, unless the fish is damaged and unlikely to survive, In which case please make a note in the Comments section of the returns record. Rainbows can be taken subject to the limits set out below.

A senior member may kill up to 4 fish in any one week. With a week commencing on Monday. After killing the fourth fish the member must stop fishing that week. There is no continuing catch and release fishing.

A senior member has a season limit of 30 fish which commences on 1st October. Once the limit is reached, the member must cease fishing for the rest of the season. There is no continuing catch and release or second ticket option.

A junior member may kill up to 2 fish in any one week. With a week commencing Monday. After killing the second fish, the junior member must stop fishing that week. There is no continuing catch and release fishing. A junior member has a season limit of 10 fish. Once the limit is reached, the junior member must cease fishing for the rest of the season. There is no continuing catch and release or second ticket option.

A guest may kill one fish per ticket. A guest may continue fishing catch and release after killing a fish, but any damaged fish unlikely to survive must be killed and added to the accompanying members allowance and the accompanying member must have sufficient allowance available, if not, then both the member and guest must cease fishing.


Club Rules are decided by members voting at the AGM. The Committee may expel from the Club or exclude from fishing for any such period as may be determined, any member who contravenes the Club rules or fishing regulations. Committee members are empowered to immediately suspend any member who breaches the rules, until such time that a committee meeting can be convened to discuss the breach. The Committee’s word is final.

All members are Honorary Bailiffs and as such are required to protect the club’s assets and always uphold the fishing regulations. It is a condition of membership that you agree to random bag and or vehicle searches when requested.

Should any Guest breach the rules it will be deemed to be a breach by the sponsoring member and it will be dealt with accordingly.

ACCIDENTS, INCIDENTS OR DISPUTES involving members, guests and/or any 3rd parties must be promptly reported to a committee member.