Darlow water quality update – 19-Jun-2022

The latest water chemistry tests have been carried out at Darlow and ammonia levels are still low, with perhaps a trace amount detectable (0.03 mg/L, pH 8.4) – this could become more of a problem if the temperature rises, but at present levels are safe. Phosphate, nitrate and nitrite are all undetectable, which is probably due to the plant and algal growth. Clarity started to deteriorate in April and May, but has since stabilised and Read more…

More stock – 17-May-2022

Another delivery of 100 fish from Torre… 50 rainbows, and 50 Sparctic trout (a hybrid of brook trout and the arctic char). The water temperature is now starting to rise, so this will be the last stocking for a while. This batch should have a chance to acclimatise before the water temperature gets very warm and oxygen levels start to fall over the summer.

Darlow water quality update – 10-May-2022

The temperature is rising rapidly, but the water chemistry is still looking fairly good. Phosphate, nitrate and nitrite are undetectable; we have a very small amount of ammonia (0.03 mg/L, pH 8.5), but this may just be a temporary fluctuation, and it is not so high that it is a concern. The water temperature is currently 16.4 °C which is about 3 °C higher than this time last year. Oxygen levels are high (10.7 mg/L Read more…

Darlow water quality update – 12-Apr-2022

Today’s water testing brings us some good news in that the levels of total ammonia have reduce to undetectable levels, which means that ammonia is no longer a toxic risk to the fish. Last time we saw this was during the summer of last year. Turbidity of the water has slightly increased (2.5 m on the Secchi disc, from recently being able to clearly see the lake bed), and the oxygenation of the water has Read more…

More stock going in!

We’re very happy to say that conditions have continued to improve and there doesn’t seem any immediate danger of any flooding, so the water conditions will remain stable. 200 more rainbows (and a small number of sparctic trout) have been stocked today (03-Mar-2022).