Latest water test results are showing that we still have good water chemistry, which gives our stock the best chance over the Summer months. Nitrate, nitrite and phosphate are all undetectable, and oxygenation is also good (105 % saturation, 9.2 mg/L). Water clarity is also good, although can become a little cloudy during warmer months. These low levels of nutrients will also help to reduce the chance of algal blooms. We did have a small, low-level spike in ammonia on 20-Jun-2023, which may have been a localised disturbance of the lake bed during sampling, but levels have since returned to normal and are not a cause for concern, but will be measured more frequently for a few weeks. More here.

Our biggest problem at the moment is the obviously water temperature, currently reaching 21.6 °C at 1000 on 27-Jun-2023 – on a cooler day!! This has resulted in the fish showing signs of stress and sadly we have lost a few due to the heat. If you visit Darlow, you may find a few swimming in the shallows and congregating around the reed islands and near the jetty.

Fishing has been very tough recently!

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